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The cooling system in your car plays an important role in preventing it from overheating. A running engine has constant explosions happening inside and also has many moving parts, all causing friction which cause heat. Whilst oils and other lubricants help reduce friction, it is still necessary for a car to have its own cooling system.

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Your cooling system consists of, a radiator, hoses, coolant, fans, water pumps, thermostats, temperature sensors, and computer modules. We offer professional cooling system service and repairs for almost all makes and models.

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Typical maintenance of cooling systems can include replacing rubber sealing, thermostats and hoses or pipes with leaks. It’s important that the correct coolant is used for the specific cooling system in your vehicle, if in doubt speak to our helpful qualified car mechanic in Burleigh.

If left untreated, overheating can cause major & expensive damage to your engine and/or other components in your car. These costs are often high compared to the cost of taking your car to a qualified car mechanic as soon as you suspect a problem.

If you suspect your car is overheating or if you notice that your engine overheat light comes on. Other warning signs include a high reading on your car’s temperature gauge, puddles of coloured liquid underneath your car, noticeable signs of heat from your engine, such as steam.

All these are warning signs that you should bring your car in to have its cooling system checked as soon as possible. Our experts will solve the problem before it creates any further damage.

Don’t let your engine overheat, visit our knowledgeable car mechanic who will check out your car thoroughly to locate and repair any faults within your car’s cooling system. You’ll find us in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

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