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Need a trustworthy car mechanic for power steering service and repairs?

Almost all cars on the road today have power steering fitted as a standard feature. Without power steering, turning your car’s steering wheel when you’re moving at a slow speed would require major muscle power!

The secret behind power steering is either hydraulics or motor assisted steering. The good news with both types of power steering is that they are usually very reliable and any trouble they cause, if caught and remedied early is usually an inexpensive repair.

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Warning signs when your power steering might need checking include symptoms such as:

  • Heavy steering
  • Squealing sounds when steering wheel is turned at corners
  • Steering abnormally fast and highly sensitive to small movements
  • Fluid leaks around the steering pump

Sometimes similar handling symptoms are experienced that are caused by suspension rather than power steering. In any case, both can disrupt your driving and become dangerous to yourself and others on the road.

Along with repairs and servicing to your power steering, we also offer Suspension Repairs.
A safe car is one that steers well, drives smoothly, and brakes safely. We can help you achieve this for almost all makes and model vehicle including European vehicles and American vehicles.
Don’t just call a car mechanic, call the experts at Nez Motors.

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Our car mechanic is trained to repair electrical power steering systems and mechanical power steering systems. When you bring your car into our workshop at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, you’ll be able to enjoy a coffee and free Wi-Fi while you wait, or we’ll arrange a lift for you to your destination.

We aim to make things as convenient as possible for you by being as accommodating and upfront about costs and the time needed to make the necessary repairs.

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